About us

We are a Czech company with two partners who have personal experience with massages in Norway. We have been dealing with massages for a long time and from our own experience we have advertised our massage services on other servers. Since we had bad experiences with other servers regarding our advertising for massages, where our positive reviews for massages disappeared without proven evidence and we could not do anything about it, we decided to create our own advertising website for massages and escorts. Where we obviously advertise our massage services ourselves where we feel safe without any manipulation of positive reviews, as other servers with whom we have had bad experiences do.

Why choose us?

1. We want advertisers who offer massage or escort services to feel safe on our site so that they don't lose good reviews for a job well done on their escort or massage services.

2. We have very good support because we work in the massage industry ourselves, so we fully understand you and above all we are on your side.

3. We offer advertisers who offer escort or massage the opportunity to create ads for up to 3 months.

4. We also offer cheaper prices for advertising for escorts and massages than other servers, because we ourselves know how difficult this business is, especially when it comes to escorts and massages and its competition, where positive reviews and also prices per advertisement are important.

5.Enjoy our amazing website for massage and escort to get the best for you, good reviews and service and price.

                                                                    Advertisement for massages

We are an advertising company that deals with advertising websites focusing on several types of massages and various sexual services. We offer paid advertising for these services, but we have nothing to do with this service in terms of service quality. Our advertisers can offer different types of massage on massajnordic according to the offer. Since there are over a hundred types of massage in the world, we do not have everything included in our offer. If you want to offer a type of massage that you do not find in our offer, please inform support at massajenordic@gmail.com and we will allow you to advertise your type of massage.

About massages in general:

Massage is the oldest form of therapy.

The human body needs touch, which is often not allowed in today's fast times. Recently, the interest in massages has risen as a result of self-awareness of the value of one's own health, the need for overall physical and mental condition to increase working capacity.According to the scope, we divide massage applications into local massage and general massage.

We divide the massages according to the therapeutic effects of the massage techniques into classical massage, sports and relaxation massage, reflexology massage, manual lymphatic drainage and Eastern massage - e.g. shiatsu, Thai massage...                          

                                                              Sports massage:

It was taken from classical massage. It is directly intended for injuries and regeneration of soft tissues, but also for athletes before or after performance. The masseuse uses higher pressure during the massage to thoroughly work the muscles, including the deeper layers. It improves blood circulation in the muscles and helps to wash away harmful substances, which results in an ideal muscle warm-up and stretching before exercise or faster recovery after exercise. This significantly reduces the risk of possible injury during further physical exertion.

Tantra massage:

 Is performed with gentle touches up to dynamic ones. Tantric massage therefore also includes massage of intimate parts. The purpose of tantric massage is for the massaged person to experience self-acceptance. He realized his strength and the flow of energy in the whole body, not just in the pelvis, as we are usually used to. During this massage, there is often a change in the purposeful conception of sexuality and an opening to a new, spontaneous experience of intimacy and excitement.